Episode 6

Why does Diversity and Inclusion in the workplace so often feel like a virtue war? Jo Burston, entrepreneurial powerhouse CEO of Inspiring Rare Birds & Job Capital, is converting even the most hardened adversaries into allies in her quest to improve the way that women are seen, respected, and rewarded at work.


Join our hosts, Hugh Evans and Liz Wise, as they chat to Jo about closing the gaps for women in contemporary business. From culture as a strategic weapon for change, to pragmatic and immediate actions that individuals and organisations of all sizes can take to create a more representative and inclusive workforce, this is a not-to-be missed episode.

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With a 2 billion dollar market cap, Judo Bank has one goal: To be Australia’s most trusted SME bank. Founder and CEO of JUDO bank, Joseph Healy tells Growth Magic their different approach to banking, with less bureaucracy and a more human approach, and how they are staying true to their vision for SME banking.

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After delivering one of the most successful and large scale modernisation programs in recent times for British Telecom, Rachel Higham shares her experience on the critical ingredients of a design-led global transformation. Now the Chief information officer at WPP, her story offers insights into her style of leadership and what it takes to execute ambitious change at a global scale.

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Meet your host:

Hugh Evans

Hugh Evans is founder and CEO at FromHereOn, a business design consultancy supporting business and technology transformation. His career has been focused on using holistic design practices to transform, scale, and humanise organisations, underpinned by the best of modern technology. His passion is to support the rise of leaders who are driven by a singular vision and epic ambition to make change happen for a better, more collaborative world.

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